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Bunny Sweets & Treats: Easter Gift Basket

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SKU: WC-122

This delightful Easter basket is filled with an assortment of nostalgic candy treats and exquisite chocolates. Dum Dum lollipops, Peeps chicks candy, Russell Stover milk chocolate bunny, Palmer chocolate eggs, kettle corn popcorn, Welch's fruit snack fruit punch, Sunkist smoothie freeze and eat bars, plush bunny, bubbles, plastic tumbler and much more. This colorful and fun basket will help make this Easter unforgettable.


  • Dum Dum Lollipops (5pc)
  • Jelly Beans (7oz)
  • Mini Butterfinger (2pc)
  • Sixlets Chocolaty Candies (7pc)
  • SweeTarts (6pc)
  • Welch's Fruit Snacks (2.25oz)
  • Old Fashioned Kettle Corn (6oz)
  • Air Heads Candy - Blue Raspberry (1pc)
  • Mike & Ike Original Fruits (0.78oz)
  • Palmer Big Bunny Bites Milk Chocolate with Caramel (4oz)
  • Palmer Double Crisp (4.25oz)
  • Palmer Easter (4oz)
  • Peeps (4ct)
  • Russell Stover Milk Chocolate Bunny (3oz)
  • Meiji Hello Panda Chocolate Creme Filled Cookies (2.1oz)
  • Sunkist Smoothie Freeze & Eat Bars (10ct)
  • Plush Bunny 8"
  • Tumbler
  • Bubbles