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Cat Treats & Toy Gift

$59.99 $77.99
SKU: BB-20-A200
You know Fluffy has been guarding the house; just waiting for intruders of the 4-legged kind and has been on mouse patrol and has really been doing quite the job of it lately. So why not reward a job well done, a kitty birthday or even thanks for sharing your litter box while we visited kitty gift. What can be more fun for Fluffy? A cheerful cat gift including an assortment of kitty�s favorites like a new toy and kitty-yummy treats!

This Gift Includes:
  • Cheese Gourmet Cat Treats
  • Bare Bites Beef Liver Cat Treats
  • Whisker Lickin�s Crunch Lovers Tarter Control Tuna Cat Treats 4 oz.
  • Fancy Feast Appetizers
  • Bare Bites Beef Liver Dog Treats
  • Fuzzy 2� Cat Toy Ball
  • Mop Mouse Cat Toy 6.75�
  • Rustic Box container
  • Gift Size 7 x 4" x 12"