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Con-GRAD-ulations Care Package

$71.30 $85.56
SKU: CoGrad

Celebrate graduation (it's a big accomplishment) with a festive box filled with some of the sweetest treats around. The lucky graduate will know you are celebrating in spirit when this gourmet food box is delivered full of yummy goodies.

Congratulate them on one of life's biggest accomplishments - Graduation! This celebratory gift box is filled with sweet treats that are worth celebrating. They will be thrilled to discover all the mouth-wateringly good, gourmet specialty treats tucked inside this gift box.

This graduation gift box includes:

  • Assorted Toffee
  • Lemon Powdered Sugar Cookies
  • Key Lime Powdered Sugar Cookies
  • Chocolate Wafer Bites
  • Cocoa Sea Salt Caramel Cookie
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Premium Tiramisu Rolled Wafers
  • Premium Lemon Cream Filled Rolled Wafers
  • Chocolate Cream Filled Rolled Wafer Cookies
  • Assorted Biscotti
  • Sweet and Cheesy Kettle Corn Mix
  • A Blow Horn

If this graduation care package isn't the right answer then the question was just asked wrong.