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Frankie's Halloween Monster Mash Tote

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A Spooky Spin on a bootastic selection of chocolaty treats and festively fun tricks Frankie's gift tote includes a delicious variety of chocolate treats and a few tricks for the little goblins on your list.. gift includes: Monster gift tote, monster Relaxable ball, Franks slim in a Frankenstein head, Monster lollipop, Monster fangs ring pop, Mini dots candies, Halloween bats and pretzels, Pretzel M & M candies, Gummy Mummy candy, 2 mini Hershey milk chocolate bars, 2 mini gummy body parts, Marshmallow eyeball, Long arm plush monster, mini Halloween spinning top, Mini Halloween necklace, Mini Halloween parachute character, Halloween bracelet, Halloween microwave popcorn. Gift measures 9" wide, by 6" deep and 14" tall and weighs 3 pounds complete. (monster ball and toy designs will vary and are not guaranteed to be Frankenstein. Various designs include Frankenstein, Skeletons, Spooky pumpkins, Dracula and similar Halloween Monsters.)