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It's Getting Hot in Here!: Chocolate & Cocoa Gift Mug

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SKU: WC-641

This festive coffee gift set will have a special kind of charm that is always a welcome gesture. This coffee gift arrives with vanilla mini marshmallows, chocolate brownie, Hammond's hot cocoa mix and Ghirardelli peppermint bark with dark chocolate square are tucked inside this classic holiday mug. This gift is sure to warm the hands and heart of your recipient.


  • Marshmallows Mini Mini Vanilla (1oz)
  • Mr. Brownie Chocolate Brownie with Real Belgian Chocolate Chips (1pc)
  • Hammond's Hot Cocoa Mix (0.85oz)
  • Ghirardelli Square Peppermint Bark with Dark Chocolate (1pc)
  • Mug (1-12oz)