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Luxury Spa Collection

$57.50 $69.00

Surprise her with a thoughtful spa gift basket just for her. This one is offers a luxurious escape and a very sweet and special gift all in one. She will love it!

This beautiful spa gift basket will make her feel like a real princess! Indulge her with this spa collection that features quality gifts and spa products at a great price! Be sure to arrange some quiet time in the house for her to enjoy this gift and take care of herself at the same time.

This spa basket for her includes:

  • A Galvanized Tin Wash Tub with Handles
  • Luxurious Scented Body Lotion
  • Luxurious Scented Bath Gel
  • Luxurious Scented Bath Salt
  • Rose Soap Bath Petals
  • Exfoliating Mesh Body Sponge
  • A Wooden Soap Dish
  • A Wooden Pedicure Groomer
  • An Indulgent Gourmet Chocolate Treat