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The Village MD, The Cure for Boredom Edition

$98.90 $118.68

One of our most popular gifts the "Village MD" has been redesigned to accommodate the boredom of recover and the dietary limitations of the sick or injured.

Because recovery can get tiresome and boring they need a cheery, activity loaded get well gift basket full of snacks and things to do to pass the time.

We have filled this large designer box, that looks like a Doctor's bag, with:

  • Crossword Puzzle Book
  • Sudoku Game Book
  • Deck of Playing Cards
  • A Word Find Game Book
  • Meyer Lemon Tea
  • English Breakfast Tea
  • Highland Select Tea
  • Chai Tea
  • Chocolate Truffle Cocoa
  • Traditional Sugar Cookies
  • Lemon Cookie Straws
  • Fudge Filled Fluted Pastry Cookies
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • "Dr. Feelgood's 100% Cure All" Snack Mix